The call for abstracts for SETAC Europe 2012 is now open.  Abstracts are due by November 30th.

The list of topics are LCA are as follows:

E – Life cycle assessment (LCA) and Life cycle management (LCM)


  • E01 – Broadening the life cycle toolbox: accident and risk related life cycle assessment
  • E02 – Certified Sustainability in LCA?
  • E03 – Development in life cycle inventory analysis and modelling
  • E04 – Developments in life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA)
  • E05 – Established and emerging footprints – striving towards a valid and comprehensive support for decision-making processes
  • E06 – Increasing scientific and policy understanding through meta-analysis of life cycle assessments
  • E07 – Latest developments in uncertainty management – adding value to LCA studies
  • E08 – LCA and Economics: Economic valuation of environmental and health impacts for weighting and for aggregation in Life Cycle Impact Assessment and Cost-Benefit-Assessment
  • E09 – Life cycle management (LCM): Success factors and barriers
  • E10 – The UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative: a decade of supporting the global LCA community

More information on the conference can be found on the conference website HERE: