This page lists a variety of LCA and product carbon footprint software products.  If you are in need of advisory services on selecting and configuring LCA based software to meet your needs, please contact us.

BEES 4.0 – by National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Building and Fire Research Laboratory. The BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) software.

The Boustead Model 5.0 - The Boustead Model is a computer modeling tool for lifecycle inventory calculations

CMLCA – by Centre of Environmental Science (CML) – Leiden University. Chain Management by Life Cycle Assessment (CMLCA) is a software tool that is intended to support the technical steps of the LCA procedure.

ECO-it 1.4 - by PRe Consultants. ECO-it comes with over 500 environmental impact and carbon footprint (CO2) scores for commonly used materials such as metals, plastics, paper, board and glass as well as production, transport, energy and waste treatment processes.

Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment – by Green Design Initiative of Carnegie Mellon. "Free, fast, easy life cycle assessment."

The Environmental Impact Estimator – by the ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute.

GaBi 4 Software – by PE Europe GmbH and IBP University of Stuttgart.

GEMIS (Global Emission Model for Integrated Systems) – by Oko-Institut. GEMIS is a life cycle analysis program and database for energy, material, and transport systems. The GEMIS database offers information on fossil fuels, renewables, processes for electricity and heat, raw materials, and transports.

GREET Model- The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Transportation Technologies fuel-cycle model called GREET (Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation). It allows researchers to evaluate various engine and fuel combinations on a consistent fuel-cycle basis.

IDEMAT – by Delft University of Technology. IDEMAT is a tool for material selections in the design process. It provides a database with technical information about materials, processes and components and allows the user to compare information.

LLamasoft - Supply chain design and network optimization software that allows for full carbon footprint calculation.

LCAiT 4 – by CIT Ekologik. Since 1992, LCAit has been used for the environmental assessment of products and processes. It includes an impact assessment database, including characterization factors and weighting factors. A demo version can be downloaded from the web site link provided above.

LCAPIX – by KM Limited. The LCAPIX software combines LCA and Activity Based Costing (ABC) to help businesses assure environmental compliance while assuring sustained profitability. It allows for a quantitative measurement which can indicate the potential burden of any product. A demo version can be downloaded from the web site link provided above.

openLCA Is a modular softare for life cycle analysis and sustainability assessments.  The software will be available as open sourced.

Windchill LCA is a solution choice within a scalable industrial strength PLM software solution provided by PTC. Windchill LCA utilizes material content and environmental impact data to give users visibility into LCA data during the

innovation and design process.

Quantis Suite 2.0 – A web 2.0 offering of enterprise and product level assessment focusing on GHG emissions, multi-indicators, and water footprinting.

SimaPro 7.3 - by PRé Consultants. SimaPro is a professional LCA software tool (also in Multi-User) that contains several impact assessment methods and several inventory databases, which can be edited and expanded without limitation. It can compare and analyze complex products with complex life cycles.

SolidWorks – Sustainable Sustainability product line for to determine the environmental impacts of products.

SPOLD Data Exchange Software – by The Society for Promotion of Life-cycle Assessment. This software is used to create, edit, import and export data in the SPOLD '99 format. It can be downloaded from the web site link provided above.

TEAM - by Pricewaterhouse Coopers Ecobilan Group. TEAM is a professional tool for evaluating the life cycle environmental and cost profiles of products and technologies. It contains comprehensive database of over 600 modules with worldwide coverage. An online demo is available from the web site link provided above.

Umberto – by Institute for Environmental Informatics, Hamburg. Umberto serves to visualize material and energy flow systems. Data are taken from external information systems or are newly modeled and calculated.

WISARD - by Pricewaterhourse Coopers Ecobilan Group. WISARD (Waste – Integrated Systems Assessment for Recovery and Disposal) is a LCA software tool to help inform decision making and evaluate policy options concerning the disposal of household waste.