As many know, freshwater is an important natural resource.  Access to clean and affordable water is quickly becoming a global issue.  Internationally accepted management tools are urgently needed to meet the needs of a variety stakeholders- national, regional and local governments; NGOs; and commercial entities alike.
As such, a working group has been launch by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) with the objective to develop a standard (ISO 14046) on principles and guidelines for water footprinting of products, processes and organizations. This standard aims to be consistent and coherent with ISO14000 series, and with environmental metrics such as carbon footprint, LCA (ISO14040 and ISO 14044), GHG accounting (ISO 14064-1,-2,-3 and ISO 14067-1), and with environmental communication (ISO 14020, ISO 14067-2).
Sebastian Humbert, UC Berkeley, will be presenting at the upcoming SETAC Europe Conference outlining the ongoing process that started in 2009 and planned to last 3 years, aiming at creating such an ISO standard on water footprinting. The abstract of the presentation can be found HERE